Holy Land with the Franciscans, October 2016

After a wonderful experience with Franciscan Pilgrimages in Assisi and Rome last October, I’m really excited about spending time with them exploring the Holy Land with them. Since the Franciscans have been the custodians of the Holy Places there since the Middle Ages, I think one can be sure they know the territory better than anybody else.

It’s a twelve-day trip, from October 23 to November 3, and will cost about $5,000, including airfare. The total price will be variable depending on where you are flying from.

I have already placed my deposit down on this Pilgrimage, and would love to have you join me in this fabulous, life-changing experience.

I am not organizing nor leading this Pilgrimage. You can find helpful information, including the itinerary and registration form, here at the Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs website. (It’s also a fun website to explore. Take the time to enjoy it.)

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