Week 2 – Our Story: Exploring Its Depth

Last week, we were asked to spend the week looking at the photo album of our lives.  The week we are invited to turn the photo album into a screenplay, the slideshow into a movie, snippets into a story. We try to see the relationship among the parts, especially to see where God has taken the initiative, and we responded – or perhaps didn’t respond.

The instructions for Week 2 invite us to look back at these snippets of our past lives, however they may continue to come to mind, and ask ourselves some questions. These questions should not aim at analysis or self improvement – not “why did I do this?” or “why did that happen?” or “how can I do better?”

No, the questions start with things like “how did I feel?” and “how do I feel now about this?”  But our questions ultimately ask, “where is God in this or that event?”; “do I see God’s work differently in my life by hindsight?”; “was God perhaps hiding in plain sight – in the middle of pain and confusion?”; or “was God there even if I was ignoring Him?”

The Practical Helps page contains some real gems of advice to launch the week.  Spend some time there.  And remember, a few minutes morning and evening and periodically through the day will keep these thoughts and graces operating in the background throughout the day.  That’s how the retreat works.


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