This story on page 3 of today’s LA Times caught my eye:

Americans are retiring to Vietnam, for cheap healthcare and a decent standard of living

More than 58,000 U.S. service members died in the [Vietnam] war, and since it ended in 1975, innumerable American veterans have returned to Vietnam, seeking understanding, forgiveness or reconciliation. Now some are coming for more mundane reasons: inexpensive housing, cheap healthcare and a rising standard of more

When I was leading pilgrimages to Early Christian World sites in Turkey some years back – 2006 to 2013 – I was frequently asked if I was planning to retire to Turkey. Frankly, that thought never appealed to me. Perhaps if I already spoke Turkish – it’s a difficult language to learn, and I’m not good at learning languages, even though I know a lot about languages, I’ve never developed a fluency in any of them, except a little bit of English. I had entertained strong hopes that Turkey would become a model for peace and stability in the Middle East, but those have been dashed by Erdoğan’s strong-arm, brutally repressive, dictatorial regime. As much as I still appreciate and respect many elements of Turkey’s (and Islam’s) heritage and culture, I could not see myself living peacefully immersed in the atmosphere of that regime, especially since I know I would remain an outsider no matter how well I adapted and got along with the people. So, here I am at Nazareth House, which is where I think the Lord wants me.

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