Smiles by the Ton

Do you see the “Smiles” button in the menu above? Have you ever clicked it to see what’s there? Try it. You’ll find the complete collection of the “Smile” pages I’ve compiled over the past year for the morning bulletin at Nazareth House. Now I’ve put all 286 “Smile” pages into an ebook. Nearly every morning, Nazareth House residents could read my page, “A Smile to Brighten Your Day.” So, naturally, the collection of all of them is “A Ton of Smiles to Brighten Your Day.”

You can read it fullscreen online or download it in a number of formats from the “Download Menu” in the lower right side of the page.

The PDF is probably best for most uses; the Single Page Processed JP2 ZIP is a zip-folder with each page as a JPEG image file; the Full Text file is a plain text file, ugly to look at but useful if you want to copy and paste (and edit) individual jokes. The ABBYY and TORRENT files require a special reader, and so are probably not very useful for most people. The EPUB and KINDLE don’t seem to exist.

I’m taking a break from compiling new “Smiles” for a while. New funny, clean, short, and not-too-offensive jokes, while always a tiny minority of all the jokes out there, are becoming harder to find. I’ve just about used up the available supply of humor websites. If I started searching again in a few months, possibly the pot will be full again.

Meanwhile, the good folks at Nazareth House can enjoy a binder with the entire collection which I’ve put in the library, and may still get reruns in every morning’s bulletin.

After all, really good stuff gets better with age. And our memories grow shorter.

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