How I’m Voting

Cut to the chase. I’m writing in Mike Maturen and Juan Muñoz of the American Solidarity Party as my Presidential and VP choices.

In California, that vote won’t make any difference in the outcome, as it might in a “swing state.” Of course, in one of those states, it would only favor one or the other of the Big Two.

However, while next Tuesday will mark the end of the campaign circus, I believe that, no matter which one is elected, the firestorm will begin next Wednesday.

In my own vey humble opinion, I don’t think it’s possible for either major candidate to survive the first year of their presidency. Both are eminently impeachable. Republicans are already talking seriously about it, aren’t they? They will continue to dredge up past garbage (real or trumped up – pun intended) on President H, until they can get something to stick, at least in the minds of those who have power to impeach and hate her with blind rage. The other guy will be easier to impeach, since his mouth is so primed by a lifetime of spewing obscene detritus that it’s likely impossible for him to survive a month without saying something genuinely treasonous. In addition, the Republican Party establishment, fractured as it is, hates Trump as much as they do Clinton, and so we have another formula for easy impeachment don’t we?

So, it seems to me that odds are good that a year from now we may well have a President Kaine or a President Pence. Not the worst outcome, I think.

Some who advocate holding their nose and voting for one of them as the “lesser of two evils,” say it’s important to vote according to party platforms. Have any of you actually read both party platforms? Well, I have slogged through the interminable, and sometimes obnoxious, rhetoric of both major party platforms, and find plenty in both of them that turns my stomach. More on that at another time, perhaps.

The real work, beginning next Wednesday, will be for those who seriously promote a Culture of Life to develop a unified presence and an effective voice in our American socio-political culture, and learn to transcend polarization to seek common moral ground over the next four years.

I think the American Solidarity Party may be a tiny beginning. There’s precedent. Remember the mustard seed . . .

If you are interested, here are some links you may find worth checking.

American Solidarity Party. Be sure to follow the links on the home page to the principles and platforms, as well as the candidates’ profiles. Here’s a bit more on Mike Maturen, including a map of the states where is he is on the ballot (Colorado only), and where he qualifies as a write-in candidate (only about half, unfortunately). Here’s the List of Write-In Candidates from the LA County Registrar Office.

Democratic Party Platform and Republican Party Platform.

Some worthwhile observations on the American Solidarity Party: from AleteiaFirst Things, Mere Orthodoxy,

Finally, it may not hurt that, in addition to his other personal and professional qualifications, Mike Maturen is a magician.

Can’t resist adding: Do you know the origin of the expression, “cut to the chase“? Neither did I.


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