Sr. Rose explains . . .

What World Communications Day is all about:

One of the best-kept secrets of the Catholic Church is that we have a beautiful tradition of teaching about communication and media that goes back to the 1930s and continues through today. This teaching covers speaking with one another in the family, parish and community, to evangelization, to all the means of communication including radio, television, movies, social media and the culture they create.

Back in 1963 one of the Second Vatican Council documents issued by Pope Paul VI was “Inter Mirifica” or “among the wonderful” technologies referring to the means of social communication. Although previous popes had written about motion pictures, radio and television, this document included those and any new media that human genius would devise. It makes you wonder just how prophetic that document was as it launched so much theological, pastoral and catechetical teaching about social communications ever since.

A brief history of World Communications Day

One small paragraph . . . Read more: 

Pope Francis invites us to reflect mercy in our speech and in Tweets for World Communications Day 2016

(Be sure to watch the brief clip in the article of old footage, going back to Pope Leo XIII.)

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