World Communications Day

Before the day is finished (Sunday), I want to note that it is the Fiftieth World Day of Communications, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II Declaration on Media. In this digital age, in which Pope Francis and the Vatican make splendid use of the various forms of media in communicating the many dimensions of the Gospel, some of our Holy Father’s most effective communications are in the form of personal, handwritten notes. To wit:

“A te, che dalla grande comunità digitale, mi chiedi benedizione e preghiera voglio dire: tu sarai il dono prezioso nella mia preghiera al Padre. E tu non dimenticarti di pregare per me e per il mio essere servo del Vangelo della Misericordia”. –Franciscus

“To you, from that large digital community, who ask me for a blessing and a prayer, I wish to say: you will be the precious gift in my prayer to the Father. And do not forget to pray for me that I may be a servant of the Gospel of Mercy. ” –Franciscus

Thanks to Fr. Thomas Rosica, of Canada’s excellent Salt and Light Media for alerting me to this. You can find more here.

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