The Murder of St. Thomas Becket, relief sculpture in the Chartres Cathedral

A lot of killing going on after Christmas. Stephen (26th), Holy Innocents (28th), and Thomas Becket (29th) today. After we OD on sweetness and cuteness, these very different martyrs, united in shedding blood for the One whom we celebrate and endeavor to follow, are a reality check.

Here’s a good article and video about his life and meaning for us today. It’s really worth spending a few minutes watching, reading, and reflecting.

And here, for what it’s worth is my homily this morning.


chartres_bay_18_becket_fullAlso at Chartres Cathedral, an entire stained glass window is dedicated to the life and martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket. You can get a tour and a close up view here. It’s a magnificent work of Medieval Art, created within a hundred years after his death.


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