The Twelve Days of Christmas

A lot of folks seem to think that the Twelve Days of Christmas are a countdown to Christmas day. They’re not; they count up from Christmas to the Epiphany. Also, around this time of year, the inspiring but untrue revelation of the “hidden” catechetical meaning of the song goes viral in cyberspace. (Here’s the history of the song – more than you ever wanted to know.) Well, last year I published my own take on the gifts of these twelve days. You might enjoy an encore. (Remember, however, that these were written and posted last year, so the chronology may be a bit off, and some topical references not up-to-date.)

First Day of Christmas: St. Stephen (Colbert might enjoy this.)

Second Day of Christmas: St. John the Apostle and Evangelist

Third Day of Christmas: Holy Family and Holy Innocents
(Note: Yesterday was the Feast of the Holy Family.)

Fourth Day of Christmas: Murder in the Cathedral

Fifth Day of Christmas: An Interlude

Sixth Day of Christmas: New Year’s Eve, Eggs, and . . .

Seventh Day of Christmas: Octave and Happy New Year!

Eighth Day of Christmas: Milk and the Cappadocian Clan

Ninth Day of Christmas: Holy Name and Ballerinas
(Note: This year the Solemnity of the Epiphany is celebrated today, Sunday.)

Tenth Day of Christmas: Danseurs and Elizabeth

Eleventh Day of Christmas: This Bud’s for You

Twelfth Day of Christmas: Brother André and the Drummers


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