St. Ambrose

A quick thought about St. Ambrose. (If you want a brief bio, try here; a reflection on his life by Pope Benedict XVI, here; or a much more detailed account of life at Wikipedia. Eight “fun facts” here.)

After reflecting on his life, my thought is perhaps the best leaders – true servant leaders – in our Church today (from parish ministers through to pastors, bishops and popes – especially bishops and popes!) are those who not only do not seek the position but have to be dragged kicking and screaming into it. What would our Church and world look like today if none of our leaders actually wanted or sought the job, but, after a struggle, yielded to God’s grace?


Author: tomwelbers

I have been a Catholic priest for nearly fifty years, most of that time serving in parish and college campus ministry. I also have professional degrees in theology and liturgy, as well as institutional management, and continue avidly to explore pastoral theology, Scripture, liturgy, ecumenical and interfaith relations, and spiritual direction. I have a passion for sharing insight into our Christian heritage through teaching, writing, and leading pilgrimages, especially to Early Christian World sites in Turkey. Now actively retired from parish ministry, I live at Nazareth House in Los Angeles.

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