10/27-29: Community & Lepers; Solitude & Mission

The last three days have been simply overwhelming. I’m still trying to process what we experienced and learned, and tomorrow will be more of the same. I’ll leave you with a few links and some pictures for now. Francis’ and Clare’s journeys in conversion and mission were more profound than I had ever imagined. And the effect on me, and many of my fellow pilgrims I think, has been the same – profound and life changing. It will influence my talking, writing, and doing in the future. But now, I can’t just write about it as if it were a diary. Nevertheless, here are a few links to check out the places we visited.

Tuesday, October 27:

Porziuncola –  Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli; Mission

San Rufino d’Arce

Francis and the Leper (also here)

Maddalena Chapel

Rivo Torto (also here)

Wednesday, October 28, was a free day, also overcast and rainy. Some folks went out; I stayed put for most of the day: reading, reflecting and praying. Had a nice midday meal, though, with several others.

Today, Thursday, October 29, dealt with solitude, contemplation, and mission. Francis was deeply drawn to a contemplative life of solitude and prayer, living in the loving emptiness (poverty) that seeks to possess (or rather, be possessed by) God alone. Please read the following post for the itinerary. I’m afraid that’s all I can manage for tonight.

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