10/24 – Bus to Assisi

October 24 β€” SATURDAY
Airport to Assisi

Today, the rest of the Pilgrims arrived at Fiumicino Airport. We joined with them, and our pilgrimage leaders (Fr. John and Sr. Ann), for a three hour bus ride to Assisi.


After arriving at the Casa Papa Giovanni (CPG) – visit their “unofficial Facebook page” – we had a brief prayer, lunch (pranzo) and a bit of an afternoon rest (riposo), we’ll have an orientation, introductions, and a prayer ritual at which we receive our “TAU” crosses and pilgrimage handbooks. 

First glimpse of Assisi on the highway.
We were advised to be prepared for surprises – not in the “program,” but in what God’s grace has in store for us. At the conclusion of the prayer, I prayed silently for each of you.
A light evening meal (cena), and to bed. (Tonight we get an extra hour sleep because Daylight Saving Time ends in Europe.)

Here are a few more sites about Assisi: Assisi Online, Wikipedia, UNESCO, Sacred Destinations, Sacred Sites.

Read on Chiesa Nuova and San Rufino for tomorrow.
TURN CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR! (All over the world, except USA, Daylight Saving Time, ends now.)

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  1. Dear Fr. Tom – thank you so much for sharing this pilgrimage. You sound so peaceful and I sense that this journey holds many blessings for you. Hearing about it all brings me a sense of peace as well and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your prayers.

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