10/22 – LA Pilgrims arrive at Fiumicino

October 22 — THURSDAY
Fiumicino arrival


There are four of us traveling together from LAX to FCO, on Alitalia, AZ 621.

We are Lucy Fein, Karen Kallay, Barbara Sharpe-Paquin, and myself.

We all know about Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Or do we? How much of its history and lore do we know? Wikipedia has quite a bit. FCO is Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Airport, commonly known as Fiumicino because it’s in a town named “little river,” situated on a small tributary of the Tiber. Wikipedia also has a lot about the history and lore of the Fiumicino Airport, as well as Alitalia. Fun to read.

We are scheduled to arrive at 1:10 PM. After picking up our baggage and going through customs, we’ll find some way of taking the ten-minute drive to our hotel.

The Hotel Chopin looks like a really nice place to spend a relaxing day, getting over jet lag and preparing to meet the other Pilgrims for our bus trip to Assisi on Saturday.

Tomorrow, we’ll explore our surroundings a bit, including Ostia Antica.

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