Godforsaken Wilderness

My homily yesterday, the First Sunday of Lent.

At the 12:30 Mass, I had a fairly extended introduction to the Mass, to help prepare for hearing the Word and integrating it into our lives, which I chose to include in the recording. Here’s the noontime homily.

At the 5:30 evening Mass, I gave pretty much the same homily, but a little longer and with some variations. Here’s the evening homily.

I love the strong images of the French artist James Tissot (1836-1902), as realistic and as authentic as a nineteenth century European imagination could make them, yet deeply emotional with an ever-probing spiritual depth. (His entire Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ collection is at the Brooklyn Museum, and is freely available in the public domain without copyright restrictions.) Click on the titles to read more about these paintings.

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness

Jesus Transported by a Spirit onto a High Mountain

Jesus Ministered to by Angels


Author: tomwelbers

I have been a Catholic priest for nearly fifty years, most of that time serving in parish and college campus ministry. I also have professional degrees in theology and liturgy, as well as institutional management, and continue avidly to explore pastoral theology, Scripture, liturgy, ecumenical and interfaith relations, and spiritual direction. I have a passion for sharing insight into our Christian heritage through teaching, writing, and leading pilgrimages, especially to Early Christian World sites in Turkey. Now actively retired from parish ministry, I live at Nazareth House in Los Angeles.

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