Sixth Week of Online Retreat

Sixth week already!  For those who are faithfully following my blog, I’m sorry I haven’t written much over the past week or two.  Getting ready to leave for Turkey today.  Perhaps I’ll get some time for reflections there.  Here’s the retreat site for this week.

I’ve learned through the years that getting in touch with my own sinfulness is not an exercise in putting myself down, but in confidently asking God to show me what He sees when He looks on me with love and seeks to get close to me.  He wants me to try to look at things from His perspective, and to help me to put the obstacles I put in His path into His hands to take care of.  The line that begins the 12-Step programs, “Trusting that God can do for me what I cannot do for myself,” is very relevant here.


Author: tomwelbers

I have been a Catholic priest for nearly fifty years, most of that time serving in parish and college campus ministry. I also have professional degrees in theology and liturgy, as well as institutional management, and continue avidly to explore pastoral theology, Scripture, liturgy, ecumenical and interfaith relations, and spiritual direction. I have a passion for sharing insight into our Christian heritage through teaching, writing, and leading pilgrimages, especially to Early Christian World sites in Turkey. Now actively retired from parish ministry, I live at Nazareth House in Los Angeles.

1 thought on “Sixth Week of Online Retreat”

  1. Father you are hilarious! Your top-knotch wit paired with easily shared historical facts is phenomenal! What a great read. Thank you!

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