I’m starting this new “Pilgrim Shepherd” blog just about a week before leaving for Turkey to lead the fifth Early Christian World Pilgrimage.  I hope to be ore faithful in updating this blog than I was at the previous incarnation of “Pilgrim Shepherd” on Blogspot.  You can still find some good stuff there.  I made the move to WordPress because I’ve become familiar with it — our Good Shepherd Parish website uses it — and it seems both easier and more versatile.

Time for a new look too.  What you see now is the default template, which has a very evocative picture.  I’ll probably keep it for a while, until the content dictates something else.

Whenever I run across something interesting, I plan to post it and comment on it.  Whener something dawns on the that I think may be worth sharing, I’m going to try to express it, even if imperfectly.

None of us possesses the Truth.  As a Catholic Christian, I think it’s much more real to say that the Truth possesses us.  But there are many diverse ways of catching a glimmer of that one Truth.  Exploring and sharing these glimmers as we journey through life is what Pilgrimage is all about.  And we are all Pilgrims, sojourning in a strange and foreign land, seeking the home that Goodness has prepared for us.  Add Beauty as Goodness and Truth coming alive in each other, and we have a kind of metaphor to describe the Trinity, don’t we?

Goodness , Truth, and Beauty — how and where do we find it in our world and beyond our world, in our lives and in one another?

So I hope it will be worth your while to drop by and explore with me now and then.

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  1. Hi Father Tom!
    I’m glad to see that all is well with you! I remember with great fondness my time at OLA. I’m in Louisville now, my hometown, but spend most of my time on the road as an old-time photographer at fairs and festivals. Rest assured I run my business with the same spirit and enthusiasm that I had at OLA.
    Kindest regards,

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